Making an Offer

Before the offer to purchase is created, it is very important that you have been pre-approved by a lender.

This is one of the best negotiating tools a buyer can have. It shows the seller that you are financially able to purchase the home. After you have found the right home, it is time to prepare the offer.

Understanding Your Offer to Purchase

Your agent will be able to go over the Offer to Purchase Contract in depth with you at the time of your initial buyer consultation to prepare you when the time comes to actually submit an offer.

In your offer to purchase contract, it is important to note that you will be able to choose an inspections type (options 1, 2, or 3) and an inspections timeframe (due diligence period). Below are the differences in options:

  • Option 1: As-Is, no inspection
  • Option 2: As-Is, with a pass/fail inspection
  • Option 3: As-Is, with inspection and the option to submit a request for reapirs. "Inspections are not to ascertain the cosmetic imperfections of the real property or the personal property that the buyer has already considered in determining the purchase price. The buyer understands that the seller is not required to perform the repairs listed in the inspections report except as agreed upon. The buyer understand and agrees that the inspectors report is not a repair list."

These are important to keep in mind as you begin seeing different properties. Just remember, your agent is a professional in this field, they will be able to help lay out all of your options so you will not have to worry about making an informed decision.

To learn what happens once your offer is accepted, go to our My Offer Was Accepted page.